About This Site
Our goal of cataloging COVID-19 evidence reviews is to capture the work of evidence synthesis groups in the US and around the world to maximize our collective contributions to patients, frontline clinicians, researchers, and policymakers during the COVID-19 pandemic and avoid duplicating efforts. This catalog is maintained by staff at the VA Evidence Synthesis Program based in Portland, OR. We identify new evidence reviews and reviews in progress through literature searching and through correspondence with colleagues and content experts. We welcome your feedback and questions; please reach out to us at covid19reviews@gmail.com

How to Use This Site

If you are a systematic reviewer and are looking for completed reviews and reviews in progress, we suggest going to the All Evidence Reviews and Evidence Reviews in Progress pages, respectively.

Reviews located on the All Evidence Reviews page have been extracted from the following sources:

  • LitCovid
  • COVID-19 Portfolio Search
  • WHO COVID database
  • CEBM Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service
  • Cochrane
  • ECRI COVID-19 Center
  • National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, McMaster University
  • INHATA member organizations

If you are browsing this site for COVID-19 evidence reviews to inform your practice or health systems policies, we also recommend viewing our Review Collections pages. We have dedicated pages for reviews completed for the WHO and for reviews completed by the VA ESP. In addition, we feature curated review collections on topics of high importance to frontline clinicians and staff.

Reviews that are in progress can be found on the Evidence Reviews in Progress page. This page is populated by searching PROSPERO, CEBM Questions Under Review, and the Cochrane COVID Rapid Review question bank. We also add reviews in progress as we hear of them from colleagues and content experts.

Icon Key

= meets minimum quality standards (peer-reviewed, describes systematic search and study selection, and includes critical appraisal of primary studies)

= draft/preprint

= living review

= reports that have been updated at any time

= reports that have been updated within the past two weeks


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